its completely fallen apart

i hope youre fucking happy petra

That’s not okay


You know we were worried about you, right? You know we felt bad, right? You know we were trying to contact you, right?

So you go and make her cry. Good job.

Probably not the best time to say any of this, considering my hormones are through the roof right now, but I’m just… disappointed honestly. I thought you were better than this.

I thought I was better than this, too.

So we drifted apart. It doesn’t make it fair to just cut us out completely.

I guess that’s all I have to say on the matter.

I’ll probably delete this later. You don’t need this.

i spent the last 40 minutes crying to my mom about petra

and she keeps telling me its all petras fault

and that makes me feel worse

i cant stop crying now


does this have to happen

i ended up calling her just so i could hear her voice on the voicemail again

now i cant stop crying

tumblr why am i such a pathetic wreck

i kept thinking she might answer for some reason

and i kept getting more and more excited


that didnt happen

i cant stop shaking

and crying

and fuck ive ruined everything i cant fucking do anything right



fuck i dont think i can go to sleep anymore

i miss petra so fucking bad

i cant do anything now

no cello no homework no nothing

all i can think about is her

i cant go to school tomorrow but i have to

i dont know what to do anymore



Grace left……..

me :(


Grace left……..

me :(

Alyssa’s trip to the doctor

[16:25:34] Juddcoolieo [judd]: back from doctor laaannnddd

[16:25:43] Petra: Heeey!

[16:25:45] Petra: Did it go alright?

[16:25:49] Juddcoolieo [judd]: I think so

[16:25:54] Juddcoolieo [judd]: she just told me

[16:26:04] Juddcoolieo [judd]: “wow u need to drink milk and excersize”

[16:26:13] Juddcoolieo [judd]: “youre just like splat” (because it’s her mom)

[16:26:16] Juddcoolieo [judd]: and i was like “lol”

[16:26:21] Petra: pfft

[16:26:29] Petra: just get sun. Sun is what I think you need

[16:26:37] Petra: it’s starting to sound like you had

[16:26:41] Petra: SAD

[16:26:44] Petra: *have

[16:26:50] Juddcoolieo [judd]: SAD

[16:26:51] Juddcoolieo [judd]: ?

[16:27:00] Petra: seasonal affected(??) disorder

[16:27:03] Petra: which is pretty much like

[16:27:10] Petra: during the winter(most commonly)

[16:27:14] Juddcoolieo [judd]: oooohh yeah fridge told me about that

[16:27:16] Petra: you get

[16:27:17] Petra: yeah

[16:27:23] Petra: I have that just a tad

[16:27:27] Petra: but it’s really common to meh

[16:27:29] Juddcoolieo [judd]: i thought you meant i had the sads

[16:27:37] Petra: o ye u hav dat 2

[16:27:40] Juddcoolieo [judd]: omg

[16:27:49] Petra: i also ment

[16:27:54] Petra: u had stds 2

[16:28:06] Juddcoolieo [judd]: wow thanks

[16:28:11] Petra: no prob

[16:28:11] Juddcoolieo [judd]: ur a great friend petra

[16:28:12] Petra: wonk

what if

what if i drew fanservice of myself……

what if i drew fanservice of PETRA…………….



then after that its fridge bcuz ho doesnt like 13 year old porn u no i do









so york/tintin…..









so york/tintin…..

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:D <33333!!
Thank you Petra! ;v;

:D <33333!!

Thank you Petra! ;v;