i never really understood the “wake me up when september ends” song

like why are you sleeping during september whats so bad about it

i dont understand why he wanted to go to sleep so badly w h y

Crona tagged me ages ago wow so lets do this

1. What type of music best describes you?

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa anime

2. What animal are you most like?

Not sure. Um. I’ve heard I’m kind of like a dog?

3. What’s your ringtone right now?

The old FreeCreditReport.com song :D

4. What are you touching with your left hand right now?

My little clicky thing! O: So i can highlight stuff.

5. What did you eat for your last meal? Did you enjoy it?

A really good hamburger!! It was DELICIOUS.

6. If you could make one wish for whatever you wanted, no strings attached, what would you wish for?

I’d ask for two wishes. uvu Then with those wishes I would wish for confidence in my art and a really, really nice paying job doing something I really like. When you have confidence in what you do, things always look tons better to me. And if I had a great job, I could go visit people and go to cons and do stuff without feeling terrible!

7. If you could travel back in time to relive any day in history, what day would you choose?

Hmm. Maybe my 13th birthday day? I remember having a bunch of fun at recess and I had a lot of really nice teachers. I think that might have also been the day I got my tribal stick. 

8. Rainy days or clear nights?

Rainy days! They make me feel really nice and relaxed.

9. Dogs or Cats?


10. Your favorite character from your favorite work of fiction is standing in your room! How do you react?


jumps around

so today

i went to school and made freshman like me

i won a giveaway (which i’ve been spazzing out about around my house all day because those paintings are beautiful cries)

i maybe am going to get the bass i want

i can draw to where i’m happy with it

i dont feel one of my friends is mad at me for once

and i start school tomorrow!!!

but i’m running on 4 hours of sleep and i’ve been a bit emotional all day unu

sorry it’s just been text posts today, i’ll reblog things later



i went to go look at bass guitars today

i found one that i think i might get, but my mom needs to talk about it to my dad first u u

the bass, amp, and cord all together is about $300, so i dont know

hopefully i can get it!!

quick thing about me!!

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i like how two people have reblogged this so far and thought of me

it makes me feel special c:

(that is sharky btw)

i’ve always really wanted to try decent ramen (because all i’ve had before was some from a “maid cafe” at my first con, and it was pretty gross)

so rn im looking up tutorials for how to make some

i really want to try asddfhufkd;l

You know I still think it would be really cool if at a con someone came up to me and was like

"Hi Joe!!" or "Hey Alyssa!!!" or "OMG hi JoeCoolieo!!!!"

gosh that would be so cool

My friend Riza’s, who’s going with my to TnT tomorrow, sister just came by for a scholarship thingy and my mom and sister weren’t home

So I kinda had to

Stall for a good 10 minutes

Wow what is interacting with people„

To-Do List (i’ll put this under a cut)